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Beatrice in a Tunnel, by Kristine Sahagun

“Beatrice in a Tunnel” won first place in the 2014 Hart House Poetry Contest and was published in the Hart House Review 2014.

Feel the music course through your veins, pulsating as the rain
rushes in. A river rising. You’re wading waist deep in mud and
cracked styrofoam cups. Buoys rocking in the torrent…

Three Miniatures of Du Fu, by Fan Wu

Published in the 2014 Hart House Review.

Translations of Du Fu’s 梦李白
(dreaming of Li Bai)




the dispar
-ity between
my knowing and your

Death itself
cannot countenance
the exile of its possibility
sitting unswallowed
in my throat.

River’s Bend

wyvern of…

three poems by David James Brock

An internationally acclaimed playwright and librettist, the poetry of David James Brock’s recently published collection, Everyone is CO2 (Wolsak and Wynn, 2014), fuses musical prose with the thoughts, feelings, and observations of an uncommonly astute observer.

These poems appeared in the 2014 Hart House Review.

Skinning, by Samantha Bellinger

“Skinning” was published in the Hart House Review 2014.

Underbellies splayed
on wooden boards
look like crokinole
only with death.
I cannot tell what animal
you used to be –
something humble I suppose,
like my grandpa, killing something
inferior about himself.

Hunting, shooting, skinning,
animal games and our paws
are loaded. It doesn’t matter
how fast…

Golden Gate, by Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán

“Golden Gate” was published in the Hart House Review 2014.

Would take you into my mouth, but it is not safe here. I feel safe with you, your skin the color of this night—medianoche—but I am concerned for you, worried. Does the safeness you provide me put you in danger? My skin is not as dark…

Las Vegas Mothers, by David James Brock

“Las Vegas Mothers” appeared in the Hart House Review 2014.  David James Brock was that issue’s featured poet.

The Las Vegas mothers have put those years behind them.
The lights screw off by midnight, and the duvet pins them
to the king size bed. It wasn’t long ago, the Las Vegas mothers


Growth of a Mermaid, by Anne Tom Wong

Anne Tom Wong is a self-taught artist, currently studying at the University of Toronto.  Born in Beijing, she spent her childhood in Caracas, Venezuela before moving to Toronto.  Her artistic practice delves into ideas of the past and the future from a perspective informed by experiences in her youth.

This piece appeared in the

Eye-Lips, by Kristine Sahagun

“Eye-Lips” won first place in the 2014 Hart House Poetry Contest and was published in the Hart House Review 2014.

August at a carnival.

heat so thick coats my lungs. show the world those pearly whites.

tent and sign sings tune for let

while tune tells of life-lines creased, craving consolation when

Drag Lake, by Emily Izsak

“Drag Lake” was published in the Hart House Review 2014.

Stop slicing nightcrawlers
for your grand theft sunfish scheme.
I can’t tell if the blood trail
drips from pricked thumbs
or the punctured gums of seven
luckless line tuggers.

You’ve always been a scapegrace gambler
from the day you bet your last freckle
on a breakneck game…


Tree Line, Drummond River, by Dougal Bichan

Dougal Bichan is a Regina-born, multi-disciplinary artist, currently based in Toronto. He works primarily in photography, as well as in video, sound, and installation art. He received a degree in Mathematics from the University of Toronto and continues to study at the School of Life. When not in Toronto, he can…