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a talk with Jess Taylor

jess2resizeA talk with Jess Taylor about Pauls, her forthcoming first collection of short fiction; about working with BookThug on putting it together; and about laying the foundation for her first novel.

Jess Taylor

infinite beauty will kemp

there is infinite beauty, by William Kemp


William Kemp is a co-founder of words(on)pages, a Toronto micropress that also runs a reading series, words(on)stages, and publishes a literary journal, (parenthetical).  He has published a chapbook, but you are poetryer than me, which is available for purchase here.


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Hart House Review 2015: launch, party. April 9

Help us celebrate the launch of the 24th annual Hart House Review.

The Hart House Review 2015 features new writing by Souvankham Thammavongsa, Jess Taylor, Jacob Wren, Ben Ladouceur, Bardia Sinaee, Laura Ritland, and many vibrant beautiful others.

It is…

infinite beauty will kemp

Judy, by Sex Panic!

from MAN-PIANO: 20 homolinguistic translations

changed: I: the
scene, changed

in the end what

the scene


.             like a dream (why’s
.             wrong, it’s
.             hard?)

‘Cause the things
I thought: to die, to feel
so old for…

Beatrice in a Tunnel, by Kristine Sahagun

“Beatrice in a Tunnel” won first place in the 2014 Hart House Poetry Contest and was published in the Hart House Review 2014.

Feel the music course through your veins, pulsating as the rain
rushes in. A river rising. You’re wading waist deep in mud and
cracked styrofoam cups. Buoys rocking in the torrent…

Three Miniatures of Du Fu, by Fan Wu

Published in the 2014 Hart House Review.

Translations of Du Fu’s 梦李白
(dreaming of Li Bai)




the dispar
-ity between
my knowing and your

Death itself
cannot countenance
the exile of its possibility
sitting unswallowed
in my throat.

River’s Bend

wyvern of…


Orbs, by Sheri Wright

Two-time Pushcart Prize and Kentucky Poet Laureate nominee, Sheri L. Wright is the author of six books of poetry, including the most recent, The Feast of Erasure.  Wright’s visual work has appeared in numerous journals, including Blood Orange Review, Prick of the Spindle, Blood Lotus Journal and Subliminal Interiors. In 2012, she was a…

three poems by David James Brock

An internationally acclaimed playwright and librettist, the poetry of David James Brock’s recently published collection, Everyone is CO2 (Wolsak and Wynn, 2014), fuses musical prose with the thoughts, feelings, and observations of an uncommonly astute observer.

These poems appeared in the 2014 Hart House Review.

Skinning, by Samantha Bellinger

“Skinning” was published in the Hart House Review 2014.

Underbellies splayed
on wooden boards
look like crokinole
only with death.
I cannot tell what animal
you used to be –
something humble I suppose,
like my grandpa, killing something
inferior about himself.

Hunting, shooting, skinning,
animal games and our paws
are loaded. It doesn’t matter
how fast…

The Noise Outside, by Holly Day

I don’t know how I’m expected to think
with all this nature screaming in my ears
the tiny yellow goldfinches building nests in my hair
the black-and-white juncos pecking at my bare toes
the incessant cackling of sparrows fighting
for a spot on my lap.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to think

over the heavy…