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Jarsick by Cody Caetano

I had a pet caterpillar with no name.

Found him in the front yard. That deep into August, the front yard was nothing but a bunch of dry, burnt plants wherever the weeds didn’t grow. Then the weeds grew over the dead stuff. From the front yard to the side and back yards to the rest…

HHR Contests – 2017 Winners!

The Hart House Review Literary Contest, run by the Hart House Literary and Library Committee, was established in 1983. This year’s contest was organized by Christina Bondi and was judged by Daniel Scott Tysdal, Danila Motha, and Laura Lush. Here are our literary contest winners:

1st Place:

Sink by Carl Christian Abrahamsen

I have been getting used to

the cobwebs in my lungs;


I’ve learned how to look

like my Christmas cards. but still,


there are days the windows

remain broken, the empires


come crashing in and there are dishes to

be washed: bright red Ikea cups and cracked


mugs painted with children’s cartoons,

the green plastic plates that give slightly

against my hands, the lightly rusted…

2016 Fuzion Shiraz by Mercedes Killeen


chugging 8-dollar bitter red wine alone at 11am feeling like im back

at church gulping wine in the hopes of salvation maybe this time he

will enter me maybe if i break this bread i will swallow him whole

maybe if i break my self down i will b perfect enough for a man to

love me   o…

Heathen Spirit by Judith George



I know the numinous in the cold morning clatter.

A spoon stirring in a tea cup.


A love immersed

in vertical light, arising from reverie

as hoar frost, window panes rattled into silence.


The last dish being washed by hand.


A love I will keep reaching into,

like the snow’s blanket over the Douglas Fir,

stillness melted into drips





I know the numinous in…

Forever Shirley by Stephen Sinisi


Shirley was acting strange all day. Distant. Detached. Unmoved by soft kisses on the shoulder.


“Did I do something wrong?” John asked.


No response. John replayed the day’s events in his mind, hoping to uncover a comment that might have set her off. Nothing stood out. In fact, he hadn’t said more than ten words to her…

The Age of Aquarius by Peter Angelinos

……I remember when Martin Luther King Jr. got shot. I was sleeping in my beat-up sedan off the side of a dirt road leading into a derelict plantation that faced the Mississippi River. I detuned the radio to one of those channels of endless static and cranked the volume to the maximum because…

2016/2017 Editorial Board Applications

The Hart House Review is seeking new friends to join us for our 26th year in print.  Successful applicants will have a sincere interest in contemporary Canadian literature.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Expiration, by Sean Allingham


Not long after the tsunami blocked out the sun and crashed onto the hot sand and swallowed whole the unsuspecting countries of the region, I found myself in the box of a pickup truck travelling a southerly direction. With the floodwaters receded, the wide-eyed dry goods grocer — his wife in the passenger seat beside…