Editorial Board

Editor in Chief, Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory lives in Toronto and in several places on the internet.

He is frightened by many things: global warming, the brief pause after a joke, Count Orlok, apathy etc.

Before he became an editor, his poetry was published in the Hart House Review, as well as its Winter Supplement. Since then, his work has appeared in (parenthetical).

Returning Editor, Terry Abrahams

Terrence Abrahams writes, makes little books.

His writing won the Alta Lind Cook Prize in 2014 and has appeared in journals such as Acta Victoriana, Electric CerealThe Mall, and (parenthetical).

Poetry Editor, Elena Senechal-Becker

Elena Senechal-Becker is an all-around writer and artist.

She lives in Toronto but hails from Canada’s Capital (not Toronto).

Her poetry and photography have appeared in print and online. You can probably google her. 

Prose Editor, Jordan Huizenga

Jordan Huizenga lives in Toronto. She is reading and writing and gardening. 

Managing Editor, Sophia Savva

Sophia Savva writes and edits. You can follow her on Instagram here

Art Editor, Katie Lawson

Katie Lawson is a Masters Candidate in Curatorial Studies at the University of Toronto, where she previously completed her MA in Art History and Theory. A writer, researcher and art educator by nature, Katie also serves on the advisory board for Critical Distance Centre for Curators.

Online Editor, Shahmurad Lodhi

Shahmurad Lodhi is a first-year Literature student from Karachi, Pakistan

Shahmurad thinks that driving loafers are humanities biggest sin. 

Associate Editor, Bhavini Arora

Bhavini Arora loves mountains, sneaky literature, and a good movie.

Unfortunately for everyone, she is allergic to fluffy dogs.

Associate Editor, Luca Bellisario

Luca Bellisario is a English student from Toronto who enjoys reading and thinking about sit-coms from the 70s and 80s. Specifically, Golden Girls. 

He has often been referred to as “very nice but stupid,” which he finds flattering.

Associate Editor, Chantal Duchesne

Chantal is a reader and aspiring critic/editor/publisher from Toronto.

Her writing has appeared in Glasgow University MagazineNormale Magazine, and Victoria University’s The Strand, where she worked as Features Editor from 2014-2015.

She doesn’t really know what to do with cute enamel pins, but she keeps buying them anyway. 

Associate Editor,Lucy Fang

Lucy Fang is a second year student at Victoria College.

She likes words, heartbreaks, and pretty pictures. 

Editors Emereti


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