2016 Fuzion Shiraz by Mercedes Killeen


chugging 8-dollar bitter red wine alone at 11am feeling like im back

at church gulping wine in the hopes of salvation maybe this time he

will enter me maybe if i break this bread i will swallow him whole

maybe if i break my self down i will b perfect enough for a man to

love me   o   drink this cup      trust in him and u will not thirst1

drink this cup drink this cup drink this bitter cup and u will b whole

break ur body break ur body break ur each gulp each gulp each gulp i

look to the heavens i stare at the ceiling like im back at church i look

up w each gulp i look up and wait for this to b over







1 “Eat This Bread.” (Christian hymn.)

MERCEDES KILLEEN won her first poetry award at the age of thirteen, when she came in first place at the UNHCR’s World Refugee Day Refugee and Human Rights Child and Youth Poetry Contest (2009) for her poem “Escape.” At the age of twenty-one, her first poetry chapbook, “tulips,” was published by Grey Borders Books (2016). She is currently writing her first full-length manuscript of poetry.