infinite beauty will kemp

Judy, by Sex Panic!

from MAN-PIANO: 20 homolinguistic translations

changed: I: the
scene, changed

in the end what

the scene


.             like a dream (why’s
.             wrong, it’s
.             hard?)

‘Cause the things
I thought: to die, to feel
so old for        a man (but she–
.                  I asked why Judy why

.             a man, a man!

you said              cry, before all
the people
.                                  –the scene:

me hanging through
the day                       –up! this way!



Sex Panic! is a pure sound poetry collective from Toronto including Michael Cavuto, Julian Butterfield, Hamish Ballantyne, and Alex MacKay.  They are preparing their first chapbook, MAN-PIANO: twenty homolinguistic translations.  Other work has recently appeared in the White Wall Review and Rivet.  They perform regularly throughout Toronto, and are preparing for their Minitaur MEGAtour, taking place in the winter of 2015 with shows in Toronto, New York City, and Philadelphia.