Drag Lake, by Emily Izsak

“Drag Lake” was published in the Hart House Review 2014.

Stop slicing nightcrawlers
for your grand theft sunfish scheme.
I can’t tell if the blood trail
drips from pricked thumbs
or the punctured gums of seven
luckless line tuggers.

You’ve always been a scapegrace gambler
from the day you bet your last freckle
on a breakneck game of cards-
go fish.
Go figure.

Hold fast to that swagger, Santiago.
Years from now, some spear-nosed admiral
will try your lion heart.

Let’s crack another purple freeze pop
on the port side of our cinderblock anchored jetty.
Never have I seen a more grape stained thing
than you, brother.


Emily Izsak studies English literature at the University of Toronto. Her work has previously appeared in Maple Tree Literary Supplement as well as back issues of the Hart House Review. She currently lives in Toronto in a house with far too many non-human tenants. “Drag Lake” is dedicated to Judah Izsak, a human by many standards.