“Acnestis” by Ionatan Waisgluss

“Acnestis” is published in The Hart House Review 2013.


His fingertips begged the door forward,
Deadlatch cocking like the hammer of a gun,
Barrel pointing accusingly
At his head, but only in his mind.

Inside, a radio hissed indifferently,
Keeping away the silence
And circular self-criticism
That follow indecision.

She was splayed across the table
Like a mis-strewn peninsula;
Supple features subtle Under
unsympathetic plastic.

While he paced the night away outside,
She had waited there for him,
Quiet, patient, uncomplaining,
But then again, she had no choice.

And, of course, neither did he.
Everything was as it should be;
A whole night of weary walking
Had landed him back in this room.

The sun’s rays, uninvited,
Creeped in like a wartime gas.
He covered up his sleepless window panes;
This was no sight for the sun to see.

And with an air of excitement and surrender,
He removed her from her artificial wrap,
Spread her apart in a razorblade ritual
And consumed her crystalline curves.

Ionatan Waisgluss is an upper-year student studying Botany and Anthropology at the University of Toronto. He is a member of the ChocoSol learning community, and has worked alongside a wide range of organizations and institutions. He is committed to bringing about healthy communities by meaningfully connecting People, Plants, and Place. When he’s not studying or working at various farmers’ markets, he often runs workshops, guided tours, and other community-oriented events. He is also very fond of writing and the arts. You can find him enjoying Harvest Noon’s $5 lunches, or online at about.me/ionatan.