“Oh, A Mighty” by Kyle Flak

“Oh, A Mighty” is published in The Hart House Review 2013.

Oh, A Mighty

oh, a mighty gust!
(from vermont)
(from a memory of vermont)
(from an idea about what my memories of vermont mean)
(from the lady at the bus station in vermont)
(from the can of cola that i drank while i was in vermont)
(from the view of new york that i saw from vermont)
(from did i like new york better than i liked vermont)
(from the bathrooms that i used but don’t remember in vermont)
(from the place where i live which could basically be vermont)
(from why does everyone always admire vermont)
(from what it means to specifically choose to not like vermont)
(from montpelier which is also a part of vermont!!!!!!!!)
(from the window i looked out of at night when i was in between
sleeping and waking but also definitely in vermont)
(from a desire to suddenly go somewhere really cool but probably not
actually vermont)

Kyle Flak grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His most recent volumes of poetry are The Secret Admirer and Harmonica Days. His prose has recently appeared in the Toronto-based Dragnet Magazine. Currently he works at a public library.